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“Feel more confident to speak English”


have different types of conversations in English?

Join the Fun Conversations in English Group For Professionals with Linda  Now!

Do you

  • think you can't express yourself well enough in English?
  • get tired of refusing opportunities because you don’t speak enough English?
  • get terrified of having conversations in English?

If so, then you're going to LOVE the

Fun Conversations in English Group with Linda

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Fun Conversations with Linda 

This is my personal invitation for you to join the Fun Conversations in English Group for Professionals with Linda 

Because you answered "YES" to the questions above,  I know something about you...

You have the desire to do BIG THINGS…

You are a great leader and you want to be even greater!

You have the passion, commitment and now you want to speak English with more confidence.

But, a few things are holding you back. . .

That is why I created 


Best Part?

I have designed a group format to help you speak more confidently in English

and to have various conversations in English.

Here’s how it works

We will

  • speak on various interesting topics.  
  • meet for 60 minutes three (3) times a month and all calls will be recorded, so you can access them afterwards

Do you want to have fun while learning English? 

Do you want to interact with other students? 

Do you want to say goodbye to fears and be more confident to speak in English in 2020??

Join The  Fun Conversations in English Group For Professionals with Linda Now!

YOU PAY = ONLY $45/month US 



You’ll receive …..

Two ½ hour individual sessions  – You can schedule these two sessions by checking out my scheduler, and use these for ‘whatever you want to talk about’.

Sound more than fair?

Join The Fun Conversations in English Group with Linda Now!

YOU PAY = ONLY $45/month US 

There are two groups to choose from.